ALL INDIA OVERSEAS BANK EMPLOYEES’ UNION  affiliated to  National Union Of  Bank Employees (NUBE) – an  actualisation of an Independent non political Union, Independent not merely as fashion but Independent from the waxing and waning of politicking political parties at the National and Regional level, independent ideologically and financially, independent of ideological deceptions and economic banditry – both morally corrupting . The UNION was founded on 06-02-1949. It has a total membership of over 16000. Its Head office is presently located at Chennai. 

 The union is committed to the objectives for which the banks were nationalized. It actively participates in, and supports all schemes and measures initiated by the Government for ameliorating the poorer sections of the society and priority sectors of the economy.

The cardinal principles of the Union are to prepare charter of genuine demands of the members of Banking Industry and to negotiate in the appropriate forums to achieve maximum success.  To formulate Welfare schemes to the members’ benefit and to supervise the deliverance of the same to the beneficiaries of such schemes. Further to protect the rights of the members, redress their grievances and also protect them from any unfair labour practices of the employer.

The aim of the Union  is to achieve; through constructive co-operation with the Management and the Government, maximum efficiency in banking operations, balanced spread of banking to different regions, high quality customer service, development of human resources, modernisation of systems and procedures, prevention of wasteful expenditure and frauds and to promote stable and harmonious industrial relations.

The President of the Union is Com. L.Balasubramanian.  A veteran trade unionist for about 36 years and had held various positions in All India Overseas Bank Employees’ Union.  He has the unique distinction of signing five bipartite settlements at the industry level with IBA on behalf of negotiating unions. He has chaired various committees at industry level to find out amicable solutions. His verve and gusto to represent the cause of bank men is beyond the barriers of cadres.  He is also noted for his humanitarian approach. 

He dedicated his life to the betterment of downtrodden and oppressed people and extends help to many social organizations continuously on regular basis.  Trade Unionism and associating with social work are part and parcel of his way of life.

Com .L.Balasubramanian is a strong advocate for a new approach to   globalization. “The 2008 financial crash and a finance sector driven by a casino mentality, with governments taking a back-seat regulatory approach, have had heavy consequences for working people. Once again it is working people who will foot the bill at a time of growing inequality. We will be tireless in our efforts to change the rules of the game.”

In a globalization process gone wrong, he sees unions as part of the solution to build a sustainable and fairer global economy. While always ready to negotiate and find pragmatic solutions to industrial disputes that spring up almost on a daily basis Com.Balu as he is affectionately called by members  is also happy to wear the uniform of a  “Union Warrior”.

The General Secretary of the organization is Com.S.Srinivasan.
A walking encyclopedia and well read seasoned trade Unionist.  He is also in the movement for the past 35 years and held many positions in the union.  His vision and outlook about the world workers’ movement is wide and deep. 
A voracious reader and an ideologue who was an architect for many settlements and welfare measures in the bank he represents.

AIOBEU is a progressive Trade Union wedded to the cause of workers in the Bank as well as the working class. Its mammoth strength, massive militancy and consistent experiments with grass root democracy have made it a distinct organisation.

It is also the only recognized majority Union of workmen in Indian Overseas Bank and has unique distinction having workmen directors in the board of the bank for nine consecutive times.